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Professional Grow Lights

New design of grow lights a highly attractive choice for indoor gardening enthusiasts, offering improved brightness, space-saving design, and enhanced convenience during use.

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Product Features:

The new generation of plant lights has several significant advantages compared to the previous generation:

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Increased Brightness: The new plant light product offers 50% higher brightness, ensuring better and more efficient light delivery to plants. This enhanced brightness can contribute to healthier and faster plant growth.

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Reduced Size: The product boasts a smaller size, making it more space-efficient and easier to integrate into various indoor gardening setups. The compact design allows users to optimize their space while providing adequate light coverage to the plants.

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Ultra-Thin Profile: The new plant light features an ultra-thin profile, which enhances its aesthetics and minimizes visual intrusion in the growing area. The slim design also improves portability, making it easier to move and install the light in different locations.

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Lightweight: The weight of the new plant light has been significantly reduced, making it more convenient to handle during installation and maintenance. The reduced weight also lessens the load on supporting structures, allowing for more versatile mounting options.

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Ltem No LX-GLM120-16(Dimmable)
LED Wattage 1000W
Input Voltage AC110-277V/50/60HZ
Light Output PPF 2900umol/s
Color Temperature(CCT): Full Spectrum
Size L1120mmxW1080mmxH85mm
Net Weight 18kg
Working Time (hours) 100,000
Working Temperature(C) -20-45C
Power Factor >0.92
Warranty 5 years