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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

Luxint is an innovative, as well as customer-driven, LED grow light company, with an unrivaled capacity to deliver you practical cultivation illumination.

High PPFD Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights  are often used in grow lights because they offer a high degree of control over the light output.

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Product Features:

The 1930 Series,1:1 replacement HPS, is the top lighting solution for the full cycle of commercial cultivation and is an excellent boost to innovative agriculture. It helps customers achieve sustain-able crop planting throughout the year. and a good formula means  faster growth,greater harvest, and higher quality plants


LED Source Samsung LEDs
Light Output PPF 2020 umol/s
Efficacy 2.5umol/j @277V AC
AC Input Power 820W @277V AC
AC Input Voltage 100-277 AC@ 50/60HZ
Power Factor >0.97
Dimming 0~10V Source
Light Bam Angle 90°*120°
Dimensions 28.4″L*12.4″W*4.4″H, 72*316*111mm
 Weight 14.74kg
Thermal Management Passive
Max_Ambient Temperature 104°F/40°C
Mounting Height 2-4FT
Lifetime >50,000hrs

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